Canon Printer Offline on Mac

Canon Printer Offline on Mac: Canon printers are the most durable and highly efficient printers when we compare them with other printers. Their unique features and design have made them a favorite among people around the world. However, they tend to go faulty sometimes and the problem of the Canon printer offline on Mac arises.

Canon Printer Offline on Mac

Sometimes, when you try to take a print using your Mac device canon printer may cause an issue. One of the most common issues is the ‘Canon printer offline Mac’. In this kind of issue, the offline status is going to pop out of nowhere. This means that your Mac computer is not able to build a connection with your Canon printer and is unable to print.

Canon printer offline on Mac is one the most common and quite annoying at the same. Sometimes a user gets frustrated after seeing the same offline warning repeatedly. So first of all, you need to work on or find out what may have caused and why the Canon printer is not working on Mac.

There can be many reasons why Canon printer offline on Mac. We have listed a few common reasons below that may have caused a problem with the Canon printer offline.

Why Canon Printer Offline Mac? Let’s talk about the reasons

Reason 01: Poor Connection.

Having a faulty USB port, loose wiring, or a bad Wi-Fi connection may cause your Canon printer to go offline. This is one of the usual reasons behind Canon Printer is offline.

Reason 02: Malware or Virus Issue

Usually, Mac computers or laptops are designed in a manner that no virus or malware can enter easily. In case your Mac is showing you any virus notifications or the firewall is turned off. Make sure to fix it first before proceeding to the Canon printer offline fix for Mac.

Reason 03: Changing the Password of your Router or Modem

This is kind of a very common mistake that restrict your Canon printer to make a connection with your Mac. If you have made any changes with Wi-Fi or modem password you will get a faulty error that the Canon printer offline on Mac.

Reason 04: Printer Drivers Not Updated.

This usually happens when your Apple computer gets updated automatically but sometimes printer drivers do not support that update. If this is the case you will get a notification like failed to install the updates.

Once you have crossed checked all the possible reasons about Canon printer is offline on Mac. So, let’s guide your way for quick and easy solutions for Canon printer offline fix on Mac. We have listed Three different methods below to fix the Canon printer offline on Mac.

Easy and Quick Solutions for Canon Printer Offline On Mac

Method 01: If you are using Canon Printer through USB.

A very common problem while using Canon printers through USB is having loose wiring between your Mac computer and Canon Printer. First, check for the wirings and then follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Check the USB port is not faulty. Try inserting a flash drive or pen drive to check whether the port is functional. You if still have any doubts try switching to another USB Port.

Step 2: Switch Off the Printer first and Then Shut down your Mac computer. You can also do a force shutdown for your Mac computer by pressing the power button for at least 5 to 10 Seconds.

Power Button For Shutdown

Step 3: Turn your Mac computer on and then the Canon printer.

Step 4: Click on the Apple Logo on the far ‘Top Left Corner’ of the Mac computer screen.

Apple Logo

Step 5: Then tap on System Preferences and click the Printer tab. To check whether it’s showing Canon printer is connected or if there is an error.

System Preferences on Mac

If your printer showing no errors try printing a single document to check whether your Canon printer is back online or not. If are you still unable to bring the Canon printer offline to online Mac then the issue is something else we will easily find out for you.

Method 02: Using A Wireless Canon Printer.

While using a wireless Canon Printer the issue of Canon printer offline Mac arrives. So, first thing first, check that your Wi-Fi router is not located too far from the printer and the Mac computer or laptop. If this is the scenario fix it asap and follow the steps below:

Step 1: First, Check whether the Wi-Fi modem is flashing all signals green. If yes, then continue with the next step but if there is a red signal contact your ISP as there might be an internet issue from the backend. The image below will display how your wifi router should look in order to be fully functional.

Wifi Router Flashing All Green Lights

Step 2: Once you have all the green signals on the router. Turn off your Canon printer and Mac book or Mac computer one by one.

Step 3: Restart the Router and wait for all the lights to turn green.

Step 4: Turn on your Mac computer and then your printer and wait for one minute. Then Click on the ‘Apple logo’ on the top left.

Apple Logo

Step 5: Look for the ‘System Preferences’ option and click on it. Search and click on Printers & Fax.

Printer and Scanners

Step 6: It will display the Canon Printer as connected and that’s how to get Canon printer back online

You are all set now, try to print a single document to check whether your Canon printer is able to print or not.

Still, is your Canon printer not working on Mac? We have another solution for it.

Method 03: Resetting Apple Printing Settings

You do not have to be technically sound to reset the Apple printing setting in order to resolve the issue that How to Fix Canon Printer on Mac. The great news is that the Steps we are listing below will work for both Wireless and USB Canon printers.

Step 1: Locate the Apple Logo on the Top left corner of the Mac computer.

Step 2: Now, in the Drop-down menu Click on System Preferences.

System Preferences (Canon Printer offline on Mac)

Step 3: In the all-open options click Printer & Scanners or on some Mac computers it will display the Printer & Fax option.

Step 4: In the pop window Right Click and it will display Reset printing System.

Reset printing system for Canon Printer offline on Mac

Step 5: After you click Reset printing system your Mac will prompt a window. Enter your Apple Id username and password.

Step 6: Tap Ok and It will show up on the printer list.

Step 7: Click the ‘+’ symbol to Add your printer.

Your printer will go online now and this resolves your issue that how to change the printer from offline to online Canon Mac.

We believe you find this article helpful and it has resolved your query of Canon Printer is Offline Mac. These Quick and easy methods mentioned above have been tested and are easy for every individual to perform. If you still face the issue of Canon Printer offline on Mac then we suggest taking the help of our Professional experts by doing Live chat or you can visit the Canon support website for more info.

FAQs related to Canon Printer offline on Mac.

We are listing some very common Frequently asked questions that might relate to the issue that you are facing.

How to change my printer from offline to online canon?

This is quite common but very annoying. Firstly, make sure the Offline error message is appearing continuously or not. If it is a repeated error then follow these steps: –

  • Check for Wi-Fi connectivity or any red lights on it.
  • Make sure your Mac and Canon printer is connected to the same network.
  • Try rebooting the router and your devices.
  • Make sure Canon printer drivers are updated.
  • To update Canon printer drivers, you can visit the Canon support website.

How to re-establish my Canon printer connection on Mac?

To re-establish your Canon printer connection with your Mac computer or mac book pro first of all power cycle your devices. Turn off the modem/ router as well as the printer and computer. Start again by turning all the devices one by one beginning with the router. Then Start the connection process of the printer from the beginning. Ensure you have proper drivers and software installed on your Mac. Your Mac computer will re-establish the connection with your Canon printer right away.

Note: To Resolve Canon Printer Offline On Windows 10

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