How to connect canon M3600 Printer to Wifi?

How to connect canon M3600 Printer to Wifi: To learn how to connect the canon model to Wi-Fi, read the following step-by-step procedure and follow the instructions. However, before you begin, you should verify that the WPS button approach meets the following conditions:


  • At the access point, there should be a physical WPS button. For further information, see your device’s user guide.
  • For WPA2, you may use your network protocol or the WPA security protocol (Wi-Fi Protected). WPS will be used to add the proper access point. You can safeguard this via WEP (or a similar mechanism) or a cable. To determine if your wireless network employs the security mechanism, examine the wireless settings on your PC. Also, configure Canon mg3022 proven Test.

Connecting the Canon M3600 printer to Wi-Fi in stages.

1st step:

Ascertain that your printer is powered on and that the wireless router’s WPS buttons are accessible when necessary.

Step 2:

Press and hold the [Wi-Fi] button on the printer until the light stops flashing.

Step 3:Press and hold the [Black] button, then the [Wi-Fi] button. Ascertain that the Wi-Fi light is turned on. After two minutes, press the [WPS] button.

 step 4:

  • The printer’s blue Wi-Fi bulb will continue to blink. When connected to an access point, both the power and Wi-Fi indicators will flash. The printer has been linked to its wireless network successfully, Check Stuff Relate to Canon Pixma TS3122 
  • If the power and Wi-Fi lights are not flashing, the connection has been lost.

 step 5:

  • Ensure that WiFi bulbs and lights are turned on.

Confirm the configuration of the network.

To verify that your printer is correctly connected to your wireless network, you may need to print the network settings for your printer:

  1. Ascertain that your printer is operational.
  2. Bring plain sheets of A4 or letter-sized paper.
  3. Locate and push the [Wi-Fi] symbol until the power light flashes. Maintain pressure on it.
  4. The page with network information will be printed.

When inspecting the hard copy, verify that the “connection” for the “active” sign and the SSID (the name of your wireless network) is configured to identify the services that reflect your wireless network’s name, Also associate Canon mg2520 

This is the procedure for configuring WPS.

Now is the time to install the software.

If you are unfamiliar with your product or are using a Mac, download the program.

Following the installation of the program, do the following steps to establish a standard connection:

  • Click [Setup] when the introductory screen displays.
  • You will need software driver updates.
  • This process may take a few moments.
  • Then click [Next] after selecting your area and nation.
  • If you accept the licensing agreement’s conditions, click [Yes].
  • To enroll in the extended survey program, click [I Agree].
  • To complete the installation wizard’s procedure, click [Next].
  • Then click [Next] after selecting [Wireless LAN Connection].
  • The app will search their network for pre-configured printers.
  • It will take some time, so please be patient while it locates a printer.

The “Network Printer” pane displays a list of all printers on your network. To install the program, click on the appropriate printer.

While the printer is being installed, your computer and network connection have been momentarily disabled.

Click [Next] to register the printer (This will open in a web browser). Alternatively, click [print].

To finish the installation, click “Exit.”


If your Canon M3600 printer to Wi-Fi, right-click and choose troubleshoot on your printer. The problem will be resolved when you connect your printer to your laptop.

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Congratulations, you get the solution to this question on how to connect a Samsung printer to wifi.

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