How to connect Samsung printer to Wi-Fi?

How to connect samsung printer to wifi?  Samsung Printers are equipped to connect wirelessly to your target network. To solve the question of securing the Samsung printer ensure that your wireless network is fast enough.


Connect your Samsung printer to WiFi

There are various methods for connecting a Samsung printer that your network is reliable.

  • Select network settings from the ‘Settings’ menu on your printer’s screen.
  • Choose the Wireless configuration wizard.
  • Samsung printers will automatically begin scanning for neighbouring wireless networks.
  • Choi-Fi is the name of your WiFi network.
  • It will prompt you to enter the network security key, OWI-Fiwise, known as your WiFi password.

How to Connect a Samsung printer Network WPS 

WPS stands Certain Samsung printers provide wireless network connectivity without requiring you to enter a network password. To connect your Samsung printer to your computer using this approach, just press and hold the WPS button on the modem for a few seconds. When the connection is established successfully, the colour of the modem’s flashing LED lights changes.

How to Connect a Samsung Printer  Network Directly

certain Samsung printers use WiFi direct technology to connect to the modem through the PC.

  1. NW-Fiat to the printer’s WiFi straightforward menu.
  2. On the printer’s screen, a list of adjacent devices will show.
  3. A wireless icon will appear next to the device’s name.
  4. To connect your Samsung printer wirelessly to another device, click the wireless icon next to it.
  5. Enter the password for the wireless network you’ve chosen on the printer and begin printing wirelessly. 

Samsung Printer Configuration Wizard

  1. Utilize a USB connection to connect the printer to the PC.
  2. Download the most recent driver for your printer from the Samsung website.
  3. Continue with the setup process as prompted and, at the conclusion, Wi-Fi on “connect through WiFi“.
  4. Complete the network password entry and disconnect the USB cord. 

Congratulations, you get the solution to this question on how to connect samsung printer to wifi?

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