How to resolve or connect BROTHER HL 2270DW PRINTER TO WIFI? Connecting a brother hl 2270dw printer to a wireless network is a very straightforward process.

If the WLAN access point or router supports WPS or AOSS, also called AirStation One-Touch Secure System, the Brother machine may be linked to the wireless network.

Steps to troubleshoot BROTHER HL 2270DW PRINTER WIFI

To utilise wifi Protected Setup or WPS, one must first verify that the WLAN supports WPS.

  • To establish wifi settings, the Brother machine should be placed within range of a WPS or AOSS access point/router.
  • However, the range may vary depending on the surroundings.
  • Following that, the wireless cable must be connected in, and the machine should be powered on until it indicates Ready.
  • Following that, for a few seconds, hold down the WPS or AOSS button on your WLAN access points or router.
  • The duration required to hold down the button varies according to the WLAN access point.
  • The wifi setup button must then be pushed for less than two seconds on the back of the machine.
  • To push the button, a pointed implement such as a ballpoint pen should be used.
  • It is critical to remember that the button should not be held down for more than three seconds. Otherwise, the wifi Protected Setup Mode will switch to the PIN approach.
  • If everything goes according to plan, the machine will look for a WLAN access point/router that supports the wifi Protected Setup.
  • Throughout this period, the Toner and Drum LEDs would continue to flicker.
  • One must wait until the machine’s Ready LED illuminates, indicating that the device is connected.
  • The Ready LED will illuminate for five minutes to indicate that the machine has been connected to wifi successfully.
  • It is critical to notice that if the Ready LED does not blink, the printer has not connected with the WLAN network.
  • One should search for any error codes that the machine may have flashed.

Additionally, if the printer driver for network connection has not been installed successfully, one might continue to install it. Even if printing through USB, the printer driver for network connection must be installed.

To do so, the computer must be turned on, and the user must be logged in as an Administrator.


We hope this article helped provide extensive information on the BROTHER HL 2270DW PRINTER TO WIFI, its setup, and numerous troubleshooting approaches for some of the most often occurring printer difficulties.

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