How to Connect Dell 2330dn Printer with WiFi?

Do you have trouble getting your Dell 2330dn printer to connect to your wireless network? Here are simple instructions for connecting a Dell 2330dn over WiFi to a modem router. The Dell 2330dn Printer has built-in WiFi and two-sided printing is automated. Simply connect your Dell 2330dn to a wireless network using a protected WiFi setup. The steps below will walk you through the process of configuring your Dell 2330dn wirelessly.

In addition to being compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, the Dell 2330dn Printer is also a monochrome laser printer. This laser printer has built-in WiFi functionality. The Dell 2330dn can connect to a new wireless network in a number of different ways. Complete the steps described below before connecting your Dell 2330dn Printer to a wireless network to ensure that it is properly configured.

How to Connect Dell 2330dn Laser Printer with Router WiFi?

  • Using the arrow keys, go to the Network option, and then press the OK button.
  • Select the WLAN option and then click the OK button.
  • Now, choose Setup Wizard from the drop-down box and press OK.
  • When WLAN Enable appears on the screen, choose the ON option.
  • A list of potential SSIDs will be shown on your Dell 2330dn color printer’s screen when it attempts to join your network.
  • After selecting the appropriate SSID from the list that displays press the OK button.
  • Insert the Network Password at this point (Password).
  • Your printer has now been successfully connected to the wireless device that you selected. Upon successful establishment of your WiFi connection, the phrase “Connected” displays on the printer’s LCD screen.
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Connect Dell 2330dn Laser Printer with Wireless Network 

  1. Check to see whether the wireless access point/router you’re using is compatible with WPS or AOSS before purchasing.
  2. Using the up and down arrow buttons, choose the ‘Network’ option and then click OK on the screen.
  3. LLAN may now be selected from the printer’s menu by selecting it and pressing OK.
  4. Select WPS/AOSS from the drop-down menu and press OK.
  5. When WLAN Enable appears on the screen, click OK.
  6. Launching the WiFi setup wizard will begin the process. To return to the previous page, click the back button.
  7. As soon as the LCD panel indicates that you should hit the key on the rtr, click the WPS or AOSS button on your wireless access router.
  8. Press the up arrow on your printer’s control panel and your printer will automatically detect the mode of your wireless access point/router and try to establish a wireless connection with your wireless network.

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