How to Configure Epson ST-3000 Color MFP with WiFi Router?

How to Configure Epson ST-3000 Color MFP with WiFi? The ST-3000 is the flagship model in Epson’s Expression series of thermal print-on-demand printers, and it is also the company’s most popular model. The second-most affordable model in the series is also the most expensive. Anyone with access to the Internet may download and install the Epson ST-3000 Color MFP printer drivers, as long as they have the correct Epson ST-3000 Color MFP drivers installed on their computer.

How to Setup my Epson ST-3000 Printer with WiFi Router?

Select a wireless network using the control panel. Before you begin, ensure that your WiFi network is already configured. To begin, you must install the printer driver on your laptop/computer.

  1. Incorporate the CD drive into the laptop/computer that was included with your Epson printer. If you do not have a CD drive, you may download one from the Epson official website.
  2. After opening the software file, a pop-up window titled Software Selection will appear. ——-> Choose install.
  3. Select wifi connection now. —-> click on the next ——-> For the first time, choose setup printer.
  4. If your installer is capable of detecting your wifi configuration, then ——> CHOOSE YES
  5. If your installer is unable to identify your wifi settings, choose to utilize the control panel. ——-> Enter the network name (SSID) and password for the network.
  6. Now go to your printer’s control panel. ——-> Push the “home” button, —-> click on the left arrow button
  7. Select a WiFi configuration ——-> Select OK. ——> Again, press OK for suggested wireless ——-> Select ok.
  8. Now Select the WiFi configuration wizard ——> Select OK.
  9. Choose your wireless network’s name and input your password.
  10. Proceed to the laptop to complete the remaining procedures. You are now prepared to publish a report.

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