How to Connect Brother Printer to WiFi

We are looking for help with How to Connect Brother Printer to a wifi Network. We are here to guide and help you to connect the Brother machine wirelessly. Here is a step-by-step guide to connecting brother printer to wifi on mac & windows 10.  

Don’t worry about which model you have. The process to set up brother printer to wifi will remain the same for all brother printers. Just follow the simple steps for the brother printer wireless setup.

Brother MFC L2717DW Affix solutions.

How to Configure a Brother Printer to Connect to a Wifi Network

This requires knowledge of the router’s SSID Network Name and Password.

  1. To begin, reboot the wireless card.
  2. Press the menu button
  3. Choose a network ——> click OK.”
  4. Select resetting the network ——-> click OK.”
  5. Reset ——> choose yes
  6. The wireless card has been reset.
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How to Configure the Brother Printer’s Wireless

  1. Menu ——> arrow downward ——> ——>selectNetwork ——>clickOKK
  2. Click WLAN. ——-> choose Setup Wizard ——-> choose ok
  3. When WLAN is enabled, a display is shown on the screen ——-> Select ‘ON.’
  4. Now the screen will show a list of available SSIDs 
  5. Choose your ‘SSID or Network Name‘.
  6. If the machine requests it, utilize WPS ——-> choose ‘2 for No.’
  7. Enter your Network Password Enter OKK’ to show the WLAN application settings. ——-> YES —-> OK

Now, the machine will connect to your wireless network a few minutes before displaying a notification indicating that you have successfully linked your printer wirelessly. If the connection is lost in any way, your password was entered incorrectly.

  1. Select your Brother machine to choose a language
  2. Install MFC Pro Suite by clicking the button.
  3. Select YES to enter into a licencing agreement.
  4. After the programme has been installed ——> click YES.
  5. Make a wireless network connection selection ——-> Next
  6. Now, for identified firewalls, leave as is and modify the firewall post settings ——-> press Next
  7. Select the sibling device that you want to install on your device.
  8. Online registration is an option. —–> click Next
  9. Choose the default printer ——> click Next
  10. To restart the computer, click Yes and then hit Finish
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How to Connect a Brother Printer to a Wireless Network in Simple Steps

  1. To begin, switch on your wifi router and ensure that your printer is within the range of the wifi network.
  2. Then, connect the Brother printer’s power cable to an electrical outlet and turn it on.
  3. Then, on your Brother printer, select the “Menu” button.
  4. Select the “Network” option using the up and down arrow keys and click the OK” button.
  5. Use the up and down arrow keys to choose “WLAN” and then click OK.”
  6. Uokg, the Up and Down arrow keys, choose “Setup Wizard” and click OK” again.
  7. When the “Wifi enables” option appears, choose “Yes.” Now, the Brother printer will automatically look for a wireless network in the list of accessible networks.
  8. Select the name of your wifi network from the list and click OK.”
  9. Following that, it will prompt you for your wifi password. Correctly enter your password and click OK.”
  10. Tok completes the connection of the Brother printer to the wifi network.
  11. Therefore, in addition to these instructions for connecting a brother printer to wifi, if you are experiencing difficulty connecting to wifi, follow these easy actions as well.

How to Install and Configure a Brother Wireless (wifi) Printer on a Windows Computer

The following is the solution to your query, “How do I connect my Brother wireless printer to my Windows laptop or PC.”

  1. To begin, power up your Brother printer and connect it to your wifi network using the procedures outlined above.
  2. Then, go to and download the Brother printer driver for your Windows PC.
  3. Enter the model number of your Brother printer and click on the “Download Driver” option that corresponds to your Windows compatibility.
  4. Now, your computer’s driver installation process will begin. Please wait for it to complete.
  5. To open the downloaded driver file, double-click on it. Following that, complete the installation setup procedure by following the on-screen directions.
  6. Then, from the Windows start menu, open the “Run Command” dialogue box and enter “Control Panel” in the dialogue box, then click OK.”
  7. Socket “Device and Printer” from the control panel.
  8. After that, click on the “Add a printer” option and then on “Next.” Select your Brother printer from the list.
  9. Allow a few minutes for your setup to finish.
  10. Finally, a connection between your Brother wireless printer and your Windows PC has been created.
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Connecting A Brother Printer To A Windows Computer Via USB:

To join a Brother printer to a Windows computer via a wired connection, follow the instructions below:

First, connect your Brother printer to your Windows computer using the USB cable with the printer.
Then, download the driver from Brother’s website and complete the setup procedure described in the preceding section.
Finally, from the control panel, add your printer (same procedures as before), and your Brother printer will be linked to your computer.

How to Connect a Wireless (wifi) Brother Printer to a Mac

Follow these simple steps to connect your Brother wireless printer to your MAC-based computer.

  1. To begin, power up your Mac and download and install the Brother printer driver from the manufacturer’s website.
  2. After that, power up your Brother printer and connect it to the same wifi network as your Mac (Steps mentioned in the first section of this article).
  3. Following that, open the Apple Menu and choose “System and Preferences.”
  4. After that, click “Printer and Scanner.”
  5. Now, under this option, you will notice a green mark next to your Brother printer.
  6. In the unlikely event that you overlook your Brother printer, click on the Plus symbol.
  7. Now, from the pop-up box that has
  8. appeared, pick your Brother printer and click “Add.”
  9. Thus, you can connect your Brother Wireless Printer to your Mac computer by following these simple instructions.

This comprehensive article on “How to connect a Brother printer to wifi” may help you with your printer issues. By carefully following these instructions, you will be able to connect your printer to both a Windows and a Mac computer. You may contact us through chat or our toll-free phone if you need further assistance.

Hence, you successfully set up your brother printer to wireless. By following the above steps, now you can print anything from your laptop. But still, you have any problem with brother printer not connecting to wifi or notebook. Don’t hesitate to contact our team Connect Printer wifi Support via dialling the helpline number.

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