How to Connect HP Printer to WiFi

How to Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi: After the successful connection over a wireless network, you can print from a computer connected to the same network without any physical contact. Don’t worry about which model you have. The process to connect the Hp printer to Wi-Fi will remain the same for all hp printers. Just follow quick & simple steps to secure the hp printer wirelessly.

 How To Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi Network

Requirements to Connect Hp Printer to Wi-Fi

  • Wireless Hp Printer
  • Router with a WPS button
  • Wireless network using a WPA or wpa2 password
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To use HP Auto wireless connect, computer and network configuration should meet the below requirements:

  • Your computer should be running Windows Vista or later (PCs), or OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or after (Macintosh).
  • Your computer is connected to an 802.11 b/g/n wireless router over a 2.4 GHz connection. HP does not support 5.0GHz networks.
  • The computer’s operating system must be in control of the wireless network.
  • The computer should use a Wi-Fi connection to connect to the network.
  • The computer must use a dynamic IP address instead of a static one.

 Steps to Connect HP printer to Laptop

  1.  Download your printer’s software by typing the printer’s model number and then click Find and download software or Go to
  2.  Click the software file. It will open a printer setup process
  3.  Turn the printer on. If the printer is compatible with HP Auto Wireless Connect, it will be able to connect by default.
  4.  Follow the steps till you reach the “Network” section. These steps will vary according to your printer model and computer operating system.
  5.  Select the Network (Ethernet/Wireless) from the option in the middle of the page.
  6.  Click Yes, and send my wireless settings to the printer. Doing this will locate the printer and send the wireless network’s information over to the printer.
  7.  Wait for your printer to connect. It may take a few minutes to connect your printer. When it is done, a confirmation dialogue box will appear on your computer’s screen.
  8.  Finish the setup process —-> rest of the on-screen prompts. When the setup is complete, you can start using your printer.
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Simple Steps to Setup Hpprinter  Printer to Wi-Fi Network

  1. Click ON the Power button
  2. Activate printer touch screen
  3. Select setup
  4. Press Network
  5. Select Wireless Network Wizard
  6. Choose your Network Name
  7. Enter password
  8. Press Done
  9. Wireless and wired computers on the network should now browse to the printer and print to it.  


New technologies have enhanced the intelligence of your HP printer, making printing easy and convenient. From now on, you may print whatever you want, whenever and anywhere you want. Additionally, you may print documents directly from your mobile devices. Are you searching for instructions on how to connect your HP printer to your WiFi network? Begin here and go on a pleasant adventure of simple printing.

Via connecting your HP printer to WiFi, you have four options:

  1. HP Wireless Auto Connect
  2. Wireless Configuration Wizard
  3. Connect using WPS Push Button
  4. Connect your HP printer directly to your computer without using a network.
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Method 1: HP Auto Wireless Connect 

HP Auto Wireless Connect enables you to automatically connect your printer to your wireless network. There is no need to connect any wires or input any wireless network configuration information, such as the network name or password.

To utilize this feature, you must first install the printer’s software.

  1. To download software, go to the HP Support website and input your printer model. Download the driver that corresponds to your Operating System and install it using the on-screen instructions.
  2. Connect your printer to the computer and launch the program.
  3. When asked for the type of network connection (Ethernet/Wireless), choose Wireless and then click Yes, transmit my wireless configuration to the printer (recommended).

Wait for your printer to establish a connection. This process may take a few moments. When finished, just click Finish. Now that your HP printer is configured, it is ready to print.

Method 2: Wireless Configuration Wizard

The Wireless Setup Wizard on the printer’s control panel enables you to connect your HP printer to WiFi. This technique is only applicable to HP printers equipped with a graphical display.

  1. Activate your printer.
  2. Disconnect any USB or Ethernet connections connected to your printer.
  3. Tap the wifi symbol or go to the Network option on your printer’s control panel.
  4. Wireless Settings is selected, followed by Wireless Setup Wizard.
  5. Locate and input the WEP or WPA key for your network, then click OK.
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Method 3: Connect using WPS Push Button 

If both your router and HP printer offer WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) push-button mode, you may connect your printer to WiFi in less than two minutes with a single press on both the printer and router.

  1. On your printer, press the WPS button.
  2. If your printer lacks a physical push button, you may activate the WPS pushbutton mode through the control panel.
  3. Select Wireless from the menu bar, and then select Wi-Fi Protected Setup.
  4. Complete the setup by following the on-screen directions. Choose WPS Button from the drop-down menu.
  5. Then, on your router, you’ll be asked to click the WPS button.
  6. Within two minutes, press the WPS push button on your router.

Method 4: Connect your HP printer directly to your computer without using a router

Indeed, you do not need an Internet connection to complete your print job. Wi-Fi DirectTM and HP Wireless Direct enable direct printing from smartphones, tablets, and computers. All you need to do is connect your device to the printer’s HP WiFi network in the same way that you would any other wireless network, work with HP 1005 with WiFi

What is the difference between Wi-Fi Direct and HP Wireless Direct?

Both capabilities allow your devices to connect directly to your printer, but they have some distinctions. For example, Wi-Fi Direct enables your devices to keep a concurrent Internet connection. However, HP Wireless Direct does not provide network connectivity.

How to connect to HP Wireless Direct or Wi-Fi Direct?

Step 1: From the printer’s control panel, activate HP Wireless Direct or Wi-Fi Direct.

  • Touch the HP wireless direct icon on the printer control panel, or go to the Network Setup or Wireless Settings menu and choose Wireless Direct, then turn on the connection.

Step2: Connect to Wi-Fi Direct or HP Wireless Direct on your computer or mobile device in the same way you would any other wireless network.

Step 3: If you’re utilizing Wi-Fi Direct or HP Wireless Direct for security, you’ll be asked for a WPA2 password.

Step 4: On your computer or mobile device, open a document or picture and select File> Print.

On mobile devices, just hit Print from the app’s menu. If printing is not supported by the app, you must install the most recent version of the HP Printer Service Plugin program.

If your HP printer has connectivity difficulty or other frequent printing problems, such as not printing, the first thing you should do is update your HP printer driver.

Drivers serve as a translator between your computer and printer, ensuring their tight connection. As a result, if the driver is out of date or corrupt, things may go wrong.

To configure HP 403d do the steps

Option 1 – Update your printer driver manually

To manually update your driver, go to HP Support for Software & Driver Get and download the most recent and accurate driver.

Option 2 – Update your printer driver automatically

If you lack the time, patience, or computer skills necessary to manually update your video and monitor drivers, you can automate the process using Driver Easy — Driver Easy will detect your system automatically and locate the right drivers for your specific HP wireless printer.

  • Download and install Driver Easy in the first step.

Step 2: Start Driver Easy and choose the Scan Now option. Driver Easy will then do a check of your computer, identifying any problematic drivers.

Step 3: Click the Update button next to the HP printer driver to automatically download and install the most recent version of that driver (you can do this with the FREE version).

Alternatively, select Update Any to automatically download and install the proper version of all missing or out-of-date drivers on your system. 

Step 4: After upgrading the drivers, you’d be wise to restart the computer to ensure that the changes take effect. 

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