How to Connect Lexmark Printer to WiFi Router Windows & Mac Laptop

How to Connect Lexmark Printer to WiFi Network

With each passing year, technology has been growing fast. Lexmark is known for its remarkable features and is one of the most popular brands in the market. It is the highly consumed brand in the world. Follow the steps to Connect Lexmark Printer with WiFi Connection.

Lexmark printer wireless setup on Windows & Mac Laptop

You will be able to set up the connection without a USB cable. Not every printer comes with a wireless feature. It is very convenient to join them on the wireless network. Setting up the wireless network could be complicated for some people, so, here we will help you learn the technique of connecting Lexmark printer to WIFI.

The first thing you have to do is to set up the printer in a proper manner. After that, only you become eligible for using the services of Lexmark printer. Now that you have set up the printer effectively, you can start using the benefits of the printer. Modern printers connect to the network without cables, offering convenient, wireless printing. Whenever a new technology comes, it requires more effort to understand the technique to use it. Throughout Lexmark MC3224dwe

There are two effective methods through which all the problems you are facing in joining can be removed. You can hire qualified and skilled technicians who have years of experience in solving technical issues. In this case, the technicians will directly remote access the users’ system by seeking prior permission and then troubleshoot the problem.

The other way includes the steps which can be followed by the users and get their issues fixed. The steps are written down below. You will accomplish the task of establishing a connection between the printer and WIFI by following all the steps. Still, before that, you have to know a specific set of things such as SSID, wireless mode, channel, and security mode.

Lexmark ms312dn to WiFi Router

Lexmark printer wifi setup

For these steps, you need to check your router whether its supports WPS push-to-connect or not. If your router and printer both support push-to-connect, then follow the step below. (Non-touchscreen)

  • Using the control panel button on the Lexmark Printer, Go to the settings
  • Press OK —-> In settings —–> Select Network/Ports —–> Select Wireless
  • Press OK —-> Select Wi-Fi Protected Setup
  • Press the WPS button on your router within 2 minutes.

Follow the steps for Lexmark Printer with touchscreen.

  1. Touch settings —->Select Network/Port —–> Select Wireless
  2. Now Select WiFi Protected Setup —–> Start push button method
  3. Now on your wifi modem —–> Press the WPS button
  4. To check if your printer is connected successfully. Touch the WiFi icon.

Setup Lexmark Printer Pin Method

  • Go to the control panel.
  • Network —- > Network Setup —–> Wireless —–> Wi-Fi Protected Setup > Start PIN Method
  • Copy the eight-digit WPS PIN
  • Open a web browser on your laptop or computer.
  • Type in your router’s default IP address (192.168.X.X). It can be found on the back of your router.
  • Now enter your WiFi username and password.
  • Next, find the WPS settings inside your Wi-Fi modem and type in the 8 Digit WPS Pin.
  • Click on Save and try a test print from your computer.

Steps to Set Up Lexmark Printer to WIFI on Windows

  1. Connect the WIFI printer to the power cable and next to the grounded electric socket through which power can be passed.
  2. Turn the printer ON and then insert the software and documentation CD.
  3. Click on Install and then follow the on-screen computer instructions.
  4. Now you will be given the list of types of connections from which you can choose or select a Wireless connection.
  5. Select guided setup from the wireless configuration dialogue and then temporarily connect a USB cable between the computer on the wireless network and the printer.
  6. Complete the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process and enjoy uninterrupted wireless services from their printer.

How to add My Lexmark Wireless Printer on Mac?

  1. See whether the model of the Lexmark printer supports the AirPrint option.
  2. Use the AirPrint feature to connect the Lexmark printer to the Mac Personal Computer.
  3. Turn on the printer.
  4. You must connect your Lexmark printer and Mac system to the same wireless network.
  5. Load papers into the tray and then place the ink cartridges to get the printout.
  6. Open the app which you will use to carry the print job on your Mac device.
  7. Select the Share icon and then Choose either the Print option or Printer icon.
  8. Press the Printer button, and then from the list, select the name of your Lexmark printer.
  9. Select the no. of copies you want to print and then press the Print option.

How to Setup Lexmark Printer on iPad?

  1. You can use the printer pro application for print function from the Lexmark printer or the iPad.
  2. It can be downloaded from the App Store Available on your iPad.
  3. Now go to the Apple Store on your iPad and download the Printer Pro app.
  4. Press the Printer Pro app’s icon to launch it.
  5. The power of your Lexmark wireless printer must be ON and connected to the Wi-Fi network to which the iPad is linked.
  6. Touch the document icon that you wish to print and tap the Open in Printer Pro button.
  7. To start the print job, select the Lexmark Wireless Setup model from the list.
  8. If the printer name is not available, press Add Printer Manually.
  9.  It will print the text or image.
  10. Steps also can apply to Lexmark E26odn

Lexmark Printer Models: lexmark c3326dw, lexmark x4650, lexmark z1420, lexmark x4650, Lexmark Prospect pro205 wifi Setup.