How To Find WPS Pin On Hp Printer?

What is a WPS pin?

Wps Pin On Hp Printer

WPS pin on Hp printer: This is a unique authentication code that establishes a connection between your printer and the computer. You require a WPS pin to connect your printer wirelessly to the computer. So, the question arises where or how to find the WPS pin?

Where to find the WPS pin for the Hp printer?

To find the WPS pin on your Hp printer you should follow these fundamental and simple steps: –

  • Go to the (Settings) options and then select the (Wireless) option on your Hp printer.
    Then choose the (Wi-Fi-protected setup) option and follow the on-screen instructions to generate your Hp printer’s Wps pin.
  • Once you have followed all the on-screen instructions you will find the generated Wps pin on the LED screen of your printer.

Still confused? Do not worry here is the in dept solution if you are still not able to find the WPS pin on the HP printer.

Listed below are two different scenarios which will categorize what kind of Hp printer you have and what are the different ways to find the WPS pin.

Types of WPS Connections

The two most common Wps connection types can be used to connect your printer to your computer or laptop.

  • WPS Pin on the printer.
  • WPS Push Button on the printer.

Establish a connection between your Hp printer and computer with WPS Pin.

If your HP printer has a Display or a Led screen on it. Then locating the WPS is very simple. You can easily find the WPS pin for your printer by performing the following steps

  • Turn the printer on and from the ‘control panel’ press the ‘wireless button’.
  • You will get a blue light that will start blinking.
  • Then just navigate to the ‘Wi-Fi protected ‘setup option. Select the WPS Pin option
    On the Printer display screen, you will get an 8-digit unique code and that is the WPS Pin.
  • You have to enter the generated code into the computer screen to pair your hp printer with the computer.

How can you connect your Hp printer with the WPS push button?

If you do not have a display screen or a control panel on your HP printer then use this approach to connect your Hp printer to the computer or laptop.

  • Turn on your hp printer.
  • Make sure your Wi fi router and printer are close enough to build a connection.
  • Press the ‘Wireless’ button on your printer and you will notice a light blinking.
  • Then press and hold the ‘Wps button’ on your ‘Wi-Fi Router’ for at least 2 to 3 seconds.
  • You will notice a light started blinking on your router as well.
  • Once both the lights on your printer and router stop blinking, means the connection is successful with both devices.


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