How to Connect Lexmark CX517de with Wifi Network?

Connect Lexmark CX517de with WiFi: Installing the Lexmark CX517de laser printer driver software on your personal computer is required for your computer to connect Lexmark CX517de Printer to Wifi. Having a Lexmark printer driver issue will result in the hardware (Lexmark CX517de printer) that you attach to your laptop or computer failing to print properly.

How to Fix Lexmark CX517de with WiFi Router

  1. Connect the Lexmark CX517de to a power wire and place it close to a grounded electric socket through which electricity may be sent.
  2. Literally switch on the printer and then put the software and documentation CD into the drive.
  3. Merely click on Install and then follow the computer commands that appear on the screen.
  4. You must now be presented with a selection of several kinds of connections from which you may choose one, or you can select a Wireless connection.
  5. Choose a guided setting from the wireless settings dialogue box, and then briefly attach a USB connection between the computer connected to the wireless connection and the printer to complete the setup.
  6. To finish the setup procedure, follow the on-screen prompts. Users will then be able to benefit from continuous wifi services from their printer.

How to Setup Lexmark CX517de with Wireless Router WiFi

  • WPS certification is required for your wireless router.
  • Now double-check that the Wireless network adapter has been properly installed and that your Lexmark CX517de has been correctly connected to it.
  • Choose the Start push button technique from the printer’s control panel by pressing the navigation button on the control panel.
  • To link to WiFi, follow the on-screen guidance that appears on the printer’s screen.
  • Pick the wireless network configuration from the printer’s control panel, and then select the WiFi-protected setup from the printer’s control panel to complete the process.
  • You must now initiate the Start Pin procedure from the WiFi encrypted configuration.
  • After that, make a note of the eight-digit WPS pin that you have created.
  • In the address box of your web browser, enter the Internet address of your entry point to connect to it.
  • It’s necessary to save the selections after entering the eight-digit pin number.
  • You may now publish any item from your printer over a wireless network, regardless of its format.

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