How to Fix Lexmark MB2236adw with Wifi Router?

Connect Lexmark MB2236adw with Wifi: Lexmark MB2236adw is one of the companies that has created some of the most innovative image solutions and technologies in the industry. Lexmark’s all-in-one printers are well-known for their efficiency and high-quality output. Additionally, they are an excellent choice for any business that requires printing, scanning, or faxing. lexmarkUninterrupted productivity is one of the benefits you get. Therefore, if you just purchased a Lexmark MB2236adw printer and are wondering how to connect a Lexmark MB2236adw printer to WiFi without a CD or how do I fix my Lexmark MB2236adw printer to my wireless network, we have a brief guide for you.

Fix Lexmark MB2546adwe with WiFi?

How to Link Lexmark MB2236adw with WiFi Router Modem?

To begin, check to see whether your router supports WPS push-to-connect. If your network and printer enable push-to-connect, continue.

  • On Lexmark printers, a control panel button may be pressed.
    A gear icon will open the options menu.
  • Select OK ——> Within the settings ——> Choose a network/port ——> Choose Wireless
  • Select OK ——> Select Wi-Fi Protected Configuration
  • Within two minutes, connect using your router’s WPS button.

How to Fix Lexmark Printer to WiFi without CD?

No CD is needed when operating a Lexmark WiFi printer. Connecting to a WiFi network with Lexmark Printer is simple and convenient. If you wish to connect Lexmark Printer to WiFi without CD, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Leave the PC or laptop open.
  • To launch, hit the Start button.
  • Be sure to type ‘printers’ in the network search box.
  • When you click on the photo, a window will open on your screen.
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click on the Connect button
  • You should first click on the Start button to begin setting the default printer.
  • Choose ‘Devices and Printers’ from the top menu.
  • The list will display on your screen when you begin to use the program.
  • Once you have completed your selection, you have to pick the ‘Drivers and Printers’ option.
  • Click on the same to choose it as your default, then click on the ‘Set as Default’ button.
  • Continue with the setup instructions now.
  • Lexmark Pro715 Configure to wifi?

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