How to Connect Canon k10447 with WiFi

Connect Canon k10447 with WiFi: You’ve attempted to connect canon k10447 with WiFi a few times, but it did not function cable-free. You follow these instructions attentively but have nonetheless been unsuccessful. That is how to wireless and wireless connect canon k10447 with WiFi. Please spend a couple more minutes trying this step and note in the red below the crucial suggestion, To connect CanonMg3022

How to Connect Canon-k10447 Printer to WiFi

  1. To turn on your printer, press the power button.
  2. Select the Settings option. Then, when you’ve navigated to Device settings, hit OK.
  3. Click the arrow button until you see LAN Settings, then click OK.
  4. Hit the arrow button until you reach the wireless LAN configuration screen, then press OK. The printer will begin looking for a WiFi network, while the LED will flicker.
  5. If the searching procedure takes far too long, hit Stop, and it will return to wireless LAN configuration, basic setup. Click OK.
  6. Then, using the arrow keys, go to your WiFi network and hit OK.
  7. Enter your WiFi password and click OK.
  8. Once the screen reads Connected, press OK once more. 
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Connect Canon-k10447 Printer with Wireless Network Modem

  • Check that the printer is turned on.
  • When the WiFi lamp flashes, press and hold the WiFi key, network with CanonPixmaMG3620
  • Select the Black button.
  • The ON lamp blinks, and the WiFi lamp illuminates.
  • Click the WiFi button several times until another direct bulb illuminates.
  • To complete your choices, choose the Color or Black button. 
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