Connect HP DJ2132 with WiFi Router

Connect HP DJ2132 with WiFi? HP Easy scan is not presently compatible with the MAC Catalina operating system. You may use the HP Smart app or the Apple Image capture program to take images. If you are still experiencing difficulties, try troubleshooting wireless or wired network problems. Then try upgrading the firmware on your HP printer. Check for available printer software updates and install them if necessary to connect the HP DJ2132 to the MacBook Air.

Initially, try disconnecting your printer from your computer. After that, connect your printer to your Mac system. This may be accomplished by selecting the options tab, followed by the printers and scanners option. If you are still unable to locate your printer, you should try connecting through USB. Once the wireless connection has been established, the USB connection may be disconnected.

Connect HP DJ2132 with WiFi

How to Connect my HP DJ2132 with WiFi

How to Setup HP DJ2132 with Wireless Router WiFi

  • Get a wireless icon from printer control panel and tap it.
  • Now, go to settings icon. Choose HP DJ2132 Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Pick your network from list of the feasible networks.
  • Suppose the list might not show your network, then enter your new network name and proceed based on the instructions.
  • When it is asked to enter WEP, password or WPA key, tap and enter it.
  • Choose OK in a summary screen and go to home screen.

Contact Technical Team to Fix the issue for connecting the HP printer to the wifi network.

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