How to print iPhone 4 to Dell printer If you possess an iOS device, such as an iPad or an iPhone, you may have had difficulties printing documents from your device, since the printing procedure is somewhat different for Apple’s devices.

We will explore how to print from an iPhone 4 to a Dell wireless printer in this post. Because all iOS devices need printers to support a particular technology called AirPrint in order to print, customers require a guide to help them comprehend the procedure.

In this post, we’ll explain two scenarios in which you may print from your iPhone 4 smartphone using your Dell wireless printer. Both of these instances are addressed in depth below.

Utilizing an AirPrint-Enabled Printer

If you have a Dell printer that supports AirPrint, you can effortlessly print. It’s quite simple to use and allows for fast printing. The following actions should be taken:

  1. Open the program from which you want to print on your iPhone.
  2. Select the Print option by tapping on the Hamburger button.
  3. If there is no Print option in the Hamburger
  4. menu, it will appear under the Share menu. As a result, pick wisely.
  5. From the list, choose the printer.
  6. Ascertain that it is connected to the same wireless network as the iPhone.
  7. Select the number of copies, the number of pages to print, and so on.
  8. Finally, in the upper right corner, press the Print option.

You will get a printed copy of the requested page in a matter of seconds.

Utilization of an AirPrint-Incompatible Printer

Using a printer that is not AirPrint compatible prevents you from printing straight from your iPhone. As a result, we will do the identical task using compatibility software. To print a page using an AirPrint-incompatible printer, follow these steps:

  1. Conduct a search for ‘AirPrint Compatibility Software‘ on a search engine.
  2. Download and install the appropriate version of the appropriate program.
  3. To demonstrate the technique, we’ll use a piece of software called AirPrint Activator.
  4. Once the software has been properly installed, start it.
  5. Turn the AirPrint Activator’s switch to the ON position.
  6. A dialogue window will appear, requesting device information.
  7. Enter the necessary information and click the
  8. OK button. The program will now automatically install the relevant files.
  9. When the light begins blinking green, the printer is ready for use.
  10. Now open System Preferences and go to the Print and Fax tab.
  11. Turn on your printer to allow the program to locate it.
  12. A green signal blinks beside the printer’s name.
  13. This indicates that the printer is compatible with the operating system.
  14. Select the “Share this printer with the rest of the network” check box.
  15. Select Sharing Preferences and tick the option for Printer Sharing.
  16. Close the AirPrint Activator software and print from your iPhone 4.


In this manner, you can effortlessly make your printer AirPrint compatible and print many pages from your iPhone 4 to a Dell Wireless Printer device.

We hope you have completed all of these steps and are now ready to connect to your printer wirelessly and begin printing through, The most important thing to remember is that your printers must be updated to avoid future errors and to operate smoothly.

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