How to setup canon e477 wireless printer

Canon e477 Wireless Setup: You’re seeking aid in connecting the e477 canon printer to the wireless Internet? Don’t worry, we are only here to support your proposal on the steps for wireless installation of Canon e477. It’s completely okay to deal with different difficulties with using a processor.

With it everything, my staff will aid you. Don’t worry, in every conceivable way we’ll support you. The following steps are the wifi settings for canon printer mx472.

How to Connect Canon-e477 printer with Router Modem WiFi

  • To activate your printer, press the power button.
  • Click on the button Settings. Press the arrow and once the settings are in the Device, click OK. Relate to, canon PixmaTS9520
    To see LAN Settings, press the arrow button and press OK.
  • To go to the Wireless LAN setup, press the Arrow button, and OK. The printer starts searching for the WiFi network and the light blinks meantime.
  • If the search is too long, you can tick Stop, which will take you to the standard wireless LAN setup. Press OK. – Press OK.
  • To locate your WiFi network, press the arrow button and press OK. Hook on CanonK10447
  • Define your WiFi password and click OK.
  • Once the screen tells Connected, press OK again.

How to Canon-e477 printer Wireless attach with Network

  • Ensure that the printer is activated.
  • Hold on and release the WiFi button when the WiFi light blows.
  • Click on the button Black.
  • The ON bulb and the WIFI lights are blinking.
  • Click on the WiFi button again and again until the lights are direct. Link canonMf244Dw
  • To complete the selection press the Color button or the Black key.

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