How to Connect Kodak Printer to WiFi?

Are you looking for a way to connect your Kodak printer to Wi-Fi: If you answered yes, then you have the proper answer. Although wireless printing seems to be commonplace today, just a few printers support it. However, Kodak produces some superior Bluetooth-enabled all-in-one printers.

kodakIt connects to a printer in a way that is more convenient for numerous PCs in a home office than the traditional tangle of cables. Kodak wireless printers, like any computer accessories, may be indispensable.

Two Methods for Connecting a Kodak Printer via WiFi –

Verify that your device has a wireless card installed. If your computer does not have a wireless device installed, you may use a “dongle” connected to a USB port, however, this does not always work well.

Occasionally, it can be difficult to re-establish the wireless connection after closing down the computer. If your desktop computer has PCI card slots, you may add a WiFi PCI card to enable wireless connectivity.

  1. To access your router’s setup page, use your default gateway IP and enter your login and password.
  2. Select OK.
  3. On the left-hand side of the printer server configuration, click the printer server.
  4. Activate the onboard printer server by pressing the Activate button.
  5. Enter the printer’s name and model number and click Save and Submit.
  6. Shut off the browser.
  7. Now is the time to follow any advice.

Method 1: Using a TCP/IP Socket below we paste some fresh and easy methods for your help if you follow step by step this will help you.

1: Click the Start button.
2: Navigate to the printers and gadgets section.
3: Click and then click to add a printer.
4: Select the tab Add Local Printer.
5: You have the option of building a new port.
6: At this point, choose the default TCP/IP port.

7: Click next.
8: Select the device sort, and then select or automatically detect the TCP/IP device.
9: Now enter your computer’s IP address, hostname, or IP address.
10: You may get your IP address using the cmd and IP config commands in the cmd form.
11: By pressing Enter, you can see your IP address.
12: Following that, click.
13: You should now see a list of your manufacturer’s printers. Select the manufacturer of your printer and then the model number.
14: If the model number for your printer is not accessible, click on Windows Update.
15: Select the subsequent star.

Bluetooth or wireless technology is the second technique.

1: Click the Start button

2: Navigate to the printers and gadgets section.

3: Click and then click to add a printer.

4: Click the icon labeled Connect Wireless or Bluetooth Printer Network.

5: It then searches your network for a wireless printer.

6: Simply click Next after selecting the printer.

7: The pop-up window will appear on the computer on which the printer is installed.

8: Provide a name for your printer and then click Next.

9: If you do not desire to share your printer with another laptop, you may make modifications by hitting the next button. Render using your default printer.

10: To ensure that your connection to your printer is working properly, click on the print test option.

11: Decide on a finish. 


We hope you have completed all of these steps and are now ready to connect to your printer wirelessly and begin printing through, The most important thing to remember is that your printers must be updated to avoid future errors and to operate smoothly.

If your Kodak printer is unable to connect to Wi-Fi, right-click and choose troubleshoot on your printer. The problem will be resolved when you connect your printer to your laptop.

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