How to Connect Printer to Wifi HP Canon Epson Dell Lexmark Brother

How to Setup Printer to Wifi HP Canon Epson Dell Lexmark Brother

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How to Connect Printer to WiFi

In this fast and revolutionary market, Smart Device is growing high with a broad range of customers. The latest version of Smart Device also includes Wireless Printers that cannot be ignored. Our team comprises only well-experienced and trained professionals, mainly under the certified engineer tag. The team will help you to solve How to Connect Smart Device to Wifi Router Wireless Network.

Here are a few general steps.
1. Turn on the Wireless printer. Use the touchscreen in the wireless printer to connect to the available wireless network.
2. On the touchscreen, press the right arrow key and click on setup.
3. Select Network from the setup menu.
4. Click on Wireless Setup Wizard from the Network menu and wait for the printer. It will search for the wireless routers in the range.
5. Select your Network (SSID) from the list.
6. Enter the security password (WEP/WPA) of your network and press Done
7. Press OK to confirm the settings
8. Press OK to print the wireless report or Skip


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